Checklist before Sending Pet to Pet Care

Sending Pet to Pet Care

A much needed getaway to relax the body and mind. However, some pet owners feel free to do the holiday. The reason, pets are not allow to be taken for two reasons: pet stress can be stressful to travel long distances and generally the hotel does not allow pets brought in for reasons other guest comforts. To leave a pet alone in the house was shrouded in fear.

In addition to fear stolen, nobody took care so that cleanliness is not maintained and his health became so bad reason. Then? As a pet owner, you do not need to cancel their vacation plans because of pets. When this has been a lot of pet care service providers in line with the growing number of public interest to maintain the animals. However, make sure this check before leave pets:

Professionalism owners & employees

Pet care service providers the amount is a lot, but not everything should be considered. Of course, for reasons of professionalism. It is important for you to check the professionalism of the owner of a pet care service providers. Employees also equally important to be checked because they were completely going to take care of pets while you are away on vacation while the owners sometimes only to observe the performance of employees. Profesinoalitas owners and employees can be seen from ability to recognize the behavior, bathing, feeding, and caring for pets while being sick. The duration of the owners and employees in the world of animal care also determines their professionalism.

Facilities & Services

Do not let the lack of facilities and services at a pet care service providers who have been making your pet’s stress. Therefore, if you have love high on the pet care service providers try to select animals that have full facilities with optimal service. Here are some of the animal care facility providers are an important consideration:

  • Cages were quite spacious and clean so that your pet stay comfortable during stay in daycare.
  • An open area for a walk or play a pet that does not stress is always inside the cage, especially your left long enough.

Pet services offered by service providers to be reckoned with animal care:

  • Doctors are always alert to check the health condition of the pet to prevent or treat disease.
  • Eat regularly given to the type of food that suit the needs of the pet.
  • Keeping pets with regular bathed with shampoo.

Testimony customer satisfaction

No less important is knowing testimony ensure customer satisfaction in choosing a pet care service providers. Customers are satisfied with the pet care service provider means that the professionalism of the owners and employees, facilities, and services offered must be maximized. Do not try to pick the animal care services provider that many complaints! Although the rates offered relatively cheap? Yup, it could be of comfort and safety for the animals left behind when the holiday was not obtained. Far better to consider animal care services provider of positive testimonials/recommendation from relatives, friends, or friends.

Hopefully you get a pet daycare right 😀 By the way, if there are things that need to be delivered to the owners and employees in daycare on allergies, behavior, eating style, type of food, or any other, please do not hesitate delivered. This will greatly help the daycare to take care of him. More importantly, this information can minimize errors in the care of your pet.

Choose the Right Animal Care Center

At this moment, there are many animal care centers out there. They offer good services to take care of and pay attention to pets. Unfortunately, some of them just prioritize to earn money from customers. Yup, they don’t give best service and take care of pets well. The worst part is most pet owners don’t know about this. For this, pet owners are encouraged to be careful of choosing animal care center.

animal care center 1

Are you looking for the right animal care center but you don’t know what to do? If you answer yes, follow tips on choosing the right animal care center below:

Check its certificate and permit

When finding an animal care center, the first thing to do is checking its certificate and permission to know whether it is legal and licensed. If the staffs cannot show these, you should not trust them because this condition is a bad sign. Yup, they are not professional and reliable. If you still trust them, you will regret at last because there is a big possibility for you to waste much money. Besides, your pet might get sick and deal with organ problem after being left at that place. Of course, you don’t want to deal with this problem, right?

Thus, make sure that you choose animal care centers which have legal certificate and permit so you don’t get huge loss.

Look into its reputation

Most pet owners usually ask for recommendation from their beloved ones to find the right animal care center. Nevertheless, they get many recommendations so they are confused. If you also deal with this problem, you are suggested to look into animal care center’s reputation one by one. Make sure that you trust the right one which has many years of experience and handle many animal types, like cat, dog, chicken, bird, iguana, and so on. Furthermore, this is important to know customer opinion and satisfaction. If most customers feel disadvantaged because they don’t get good services, you should look for others. In contrast, if many costumers feel satisfied and happy, consider trusting recommended animal care center.


Pay attention to provided facilities

What happens next if you leave your cat at an animal care center which is not equipped with adequate and complete facilities? Of course you will bother yourself because you have to spend much money to make your pet get in the mood. Realize that your cat might stress out if it is not taken care well. For instance, if your cat is entered dirty and smelled cage, it will feel uncomfortable or if it is not given its favorite foods, it will stress out. The worst part is your pet can be left in dark room which is mixed by various pet types. Of course, your cat will really stress out. This problem will make it lose appetite and deal with any health problems.

Therefore, pay attention to provided facilities. Make sure that your pet is not put carelessly. It is fed well and taken care of optimally.

How to Take Care of Cat?

There are many people having cat out there but they don’t take care of their pet well. This happens because they think that looking after cat is enough by only feeding it. Do you have a cat? If you answer yes, do you take care of your pet well? If you don’t, stop doing it because you only torture cat. If you don’t know what to do to take care of your pet, do the following tips:


Feed cat regularly

Every day, you should feed your cat three times a day. Buy high quality cat foods so your pet is health. If you don’t have enough budgets, provide rice or porridge and mix with blended fish meat. Make sure that you put cat foods into clean plate so cat wants to eat those foods. Meanwhile, for drink, you can give mineral water and cat milk that contains nutrition and vitamin so cat does not get sick fast.

Provide a comfortable cage

Similar to human, cat will not feel comfortable if the cage is dirty and smelled. Cat will stress out and show aggressive and weird behavior, such as: hissing when touching or getting near to it, hiding in dark place, biting paper, towel, or fabric, throwing up, and so on. For this, you should provide a comfortable cage so cat gets comfort and feels secure.

Bath cat carefully

Most cat types don’t like being bathed because those are afraid of water. If you force your pet to bath, you will be bitten and scratched. This will make you get any personal injuries. Therefore, bath cat carefully. Ask for help from experts if you don’t know what to do. In contrast, if you want to do this yourself, you should wear gloves to avoid getting bite and scratch. Make sure that you make cat feel comfortable by stroking its neck and head smoothly. Then, hold its neck and then water all of its body. If your cat rebels, does not release your grip. If you succeed to bath your cat, you should take towel and dry its body soon.

If you have enough budgets, use cat shampoo to clean its body and hair. Remember to buy high quality cat shampoo so there is no problem with cat after using it. If you still doubt and feel confused of choosing the right shampoo, ask for suggestion from veterinarian or expert.

Check its health to veterinarian

Keep in mind that cat can get sick anytime without you know so it is better to check its health to veterinarian minimum once three month. If your pet often gets sick, you should do this once a month so your cat gets best treatments. Anyway, in choosing veterinarian you have to be careful because most veterinarians are not professional. They can inject wrong medicines for cat so your pet will get serious disease and even die at last. Thus, choose the right one who has many years of experience. Also check its certificate and reputation to make sure that he/she is trusted and skilled.

Criteria of Good Dog Trainers

trainer dogHaving a pet dog in the house either as friends or at the same time be an honor guard house. How not, the presence of a pet dog house atmosphere certainly does not seem desolate, deserted and silent. Similarly useful as a guard, it would be very possible to avoid any action that could harm people. But unfortunately, not all dogs owned by each master can be obedient and submissive. In fact, there are times when absolutely stubborn and do not obey what is commanded by his master.

Therefore, the need to provide good training for dogs from an early age. However, obstacles often faced by dog owners in training their pets is not able to provide a lot of time because it is tied to an office job so that the training given to pets are less than the maximum. If you are also experiencing similar problems, one solution that you can do is to use the services of a professional dog trainer, for example with a certified dog trainer in Singapore. In addition, to find the right dog trainer, you can know in advance some of the criteria that should have been a dog trainer below:

Provide a training support

One of the criteria that professional dog trainers generally provide training support, for example grassland area of approximately 2 hectares and adorned by shade trees. Said, because a dog training become an important means to explore his skills as a qualified like jumping, running, or even dancing. Imagine if the land is owned by a relatively narrow dog trainer, is not likely to make the dog could not due to be back and forth to practice. In addition, by providing appropriate training as above, of course it can save on the budget as a dog trainer does not need to hire the pitch to train dogs in each meeting.

Methods and strategies have good training

Professional dog trainer who also has training methods and strategies well. The point is not to train a dog trainer in a violent manner as to be able to hit according to his master, but instead trained with feeling and affection. Note that, if the pet was trained by violent means it will have a negative impact on the mental, can be moody, aloof, or even sick. For that professional animal trainer who is committed to provide training lovingly so that the training given satisfactory results.

In addition, the strategy is also very important role that pets can get maximum results rather than the process of training is done for example lying down, shake, and even swim. Eg training strategy carried out at least 2 to 3 times in 1 week meetings and the length of the fastest 1-hour workout. Although the cost of training a dog is quite expensive, which is about 2.5 million Indonesian Rupiah per month(according to the policy dog trainer), but the methods and strategies above is quite promising. To know this further, you can check their FB pictures.

Have a regular maintenance system

Equally important in choosing the right dog trainer is a trainer has a system of regular maintenance. Why? Because pets are entrusted also need good health so that it will greatly help the process of development of the dog. To ensure this, you can ask the dog trainer, whether the health care system that they run in a way to come straight to the vet or through telemedicine. Dog trainer who prioritize the health of the pet must be characteristic rather than a quality coach. Therefore do not let the wrong dog trainer so that your pet’s health can be maintained.

Today there are many dog trainers who offer their services. However, to find services that are really appropriate to be careful because many people are fooled by dog trainers fraud, which many dogs are trained by means of force and training program is not consistent even dog’s health was not well controlled, which in turn pet has only minimal results rather than the process of exercises that follow.

Tips on Following Dog Contest

Having a pet dog in the house to be one thing that is very exciting because indirectly you can be a master and friend than they are. In fact, if you diligently practice it, also had the opportunity to follow the usual canine competitions each year. In fact, many dog trainer who won prizes millions of Indonesian rupiah because of a dog being maintained. God is Everything, the provision could come from anywhere. Nothing is impossible for Him when it is desired. Are you currently also busy-busy looking for a guide dog for the competition? If so, you should have good preparation in order to qualify for the next round and the chance to competition

Train dogs to have good skills

Before performing the contest, keep your pet dog has good skills. You need to train well before the competition starts. Therefore, not only must the skills that your pet dog show but it should be much, be it dancing, driving, put the ball in the goal/ basket, and clean up trash scattered. To motivate your dog in order to exercise vigorously, there is nothing wrong when you give the gift of his favorite snack because such things can make it more eager to exercise. If likely, do exercises regularly every day so that the movement is not stiff when performing on stage. Look for the right time, for example in the morning or afternoon while the streets to be more relaxed and not in the afternoon because the weather is still hot and does not yet support.

Make sure the dog’s health is always awake

So that your dog can be trained to the maximum, make sure you provide enough nutrients, especially in terms of food. Dog food should be nutritious, vitamin, calcium, and also high-protein can be obtained from meat, vegetables, milk, and cereals so that bones become stronger to perform various movements. Remember, the ability of the dog in training also dependent than the health of his body, if in good health of course the result will be maximum. Conversely, when the body is weak or ill, will clearly also minimal results. Therefore, do not be too hasty to do the exercises, but note also the health of your pet dog and the ability to avoid things that are not desired.

Find out how juries

To earn maximum points, you should first examine where the assessment of the jury. It is obviously important to your success. You can find out to relatives or acquaintances who previously had never attended a dog competition. Thus you can get an idea to work around this. For example, the jury gives points in terms of hygiene/ your appearance and the breed. In this case, you can do grooming in advance to make the dog look to be interesting and captivate the jury. Likewise with your appearance, should look more professional as a dog trainer.

Collect as much information about the canine competition is one of the tricks to get a chance go into the final round. However, you need to prepare extra patience to face the reality if not lucky in winning the competition that you follow. Prepare early and maximal again for the next competition.